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The all in one app for sneaker heads

  • Messaging

    Message and send pictures to buyers and sellers securely straight through our app.

  • Find Some Steals

    Find some steals wherever you may be with our integrated local capabilities.

  • Never Miss a Message

    All your messages will be split into four areas. 1. Shoes your selling 2. Shoes your buying. 3. Sent offers 4. Offers received.

  • Build Reputation

    Build a reputation and know who your dealing with through our in depth reviews/safety features

  • Integrated Listings

    Integrated listing, meaning photos posted must be taken through our app serving as not only a time stamp but a tag guaranteeing possession.

  • No Middle Man

    No middle man, this significantly lowers fees, and reduces shipping times from 2-4 weeks down to 2-4 days!

Built in Tracking

Receive tracking labels, and track your purchases directly through our app.

Print Labels

One a transaction has taken place the seller will print their shipping label right from the app.

Monitor The Package

Watch the package location as it makes it’s way to you.


Seller will not receive payment until the package has been delivered.

Sell, Trade or Buy

Start your reselling business here with your unique Heat Locker where you will have your items for sale.

Heat exchange is the easiest way to Buy, Sell and Trade shoes online or in person. Build your collection and make some money by downloading our app today!you’ll never miss out on a drop or bargain again.

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